it bewares my projects

What is it? One only has to know: It is! And it knows my projects and how they work, hence it has no other option than to beware of them. Henceforth it will provide one with info about these projects:

it.bewares JSON

Why should one use specifically this libary and not another of the thousands available?

It is a lightweight, JSON library, providing

Where could one find more about it.bewares JSON and its source code?

One can find it

Disclaimer: Do NOT trust any JSON library! It is a known fact that those are b-ware. Hence one should not consider them trustworthy.

JSON Selector

Because JSON Pointer (RFC 6901, also available in it.bewares JSON) and JSONPath have their flaws and/or limits, I decided to invent a new grammar for selectors of JSON.

The syntax in Augmented Backus-Naur Form (RFC 5234) for the JavaScript Object Notation Selector is:
“ws”, “true”, “false”, “null”, “string”, “number” and “int” are described in RFC 8259.

json-selector = *(ws seperator ws node) ws

node = definite-node / expression-node
definite-node = string / int
expression-node = begin-expressions ws expressions ws end-expressions
selector-method = seperator ("length") %x28.29

relative-definite-selector = relative-selector definite-selector
relative-selector = relative-selection [("key" / "index")] / absolute-selection
definite-selector = *(ws seperator ws definite-node)
expression-selector = relative-definite-selector [selector-method]

expressions = expression / expression ws logical-connective ws expressions
expression = expression-value ws (comperator ws expression-value / regex-comp ws regex)
expression-value = string / number / true / false / null / expression-selector

regex = string / relative-definite-selector

logical-connective = %x26.26 / ; &&
                     %x7c.7c   ; ||

relative-selection = %x40      ; @
absolute-selection = %x23      ; #

comperator = %x3c    /         ; <
             %x3e    /         ; >
             %x3c.3d /         ; <=
             %x3e.3d /         ; >=
             %x3d.3d /         ; ==
             %x21.3d           ; !=
regex-comp = %x7e              ; ~

seperator = %x2f               ; .

begin-expressions = %x28       ; (
end-expressions = %x29         ; )
Future revisions of JSON Selector may extend the grammar, e.g. more selector methods will be available. I won't ensure backwards compatibility, however I am myself interested in long-term stability.

JSON Patch

see it.bewares JSON, RFC 6902

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see it.bewares JSON

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